Midnight Tales From The Bluff City – The Seppuku Songbird

Midnight Tales From The Bluff City – 1980s Episode “The Seppuku Songbird”

A 1930s inspired radio serial podcast based in Memphis, Tennessee. Each episode has a different story, with different characters and takes place in a different decade, each scored by a different Memphis musician within the style of that decade.

Starring: Chris Scott & Amy LaVere
Narration By: David Cousar
Music Written & Produced By: Graham Winchester
Music Performed By: Graham Winchester, Chris Scott, Amy LaVere & Jacob Church
Additional Voices: Anne Schorr, Mike McCarthy, Jonathan Meyers, James Sposto, Hanna McCarthy & Kontji Anthony
Produced At: Music+Arts Studio by Daniel Lynn
Presented By: Privateer Radio
Written & Produced By: Jonathan Meyers

Made in Memphis, Tennessee

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